Custom cloud sandboxes for admins

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What are Custom Cloud Sandboxes?

Custom Cloud Sandboxes are a new feature for Business Plus Organizations that gives them the ability to add custom templates to the ACG Playground for learners to experiment with.

Custom Cloud Sandboxes allows your learners to test their skills in a risk-free environment before launching in their own production environment.

Who has access to Custom Cloud Sandboxes?

The Admins within an organization that has purchased a Business B2B Plus package will have access to create Custom Cloud Sandbox templates and assign them to learners within their organization.

How many Custom Cloud Sandboxes can an organization set up?

An organization can create up to three 3 Custom Cloud Sandboxes for their learners to utilize as part of their Business B2B Plus package. We also do offer an add-on option for organizations interested in purchasing additional Custom Cloud Sandboxes. Contact your sales rep for more information.

Custom Cloud Sandboxes: Admin Experience

Where can I set up a new Custom Cloud Sandbox for my organization?

Go to the ACG Admin Dashboard and click the Sandboxes tab to access the Custom Cloud Sandbox dashboard.

How do I get a Custom Cloud Sandbox setup?

You'll need to create a template in the ACG platform in order for us to configure your Custom Cloud Sandbox. These templates follow the cloud native template formats for the cloud providers listed below.

  • CloudFormation for AWS
  • ARM for Azure
  • Deployment Manager for GCP

How do I know what services I can use in my Custom Cloud Sandbox templates?

We provide a documentation guide that outlines the service specifications that are allowed within our Custom Cloud Sandboxes. You can access this feature documentation guide when creating a Custom Sandbox.

What if I want to use a service that is not currently supported in the Custom Cloud Sandboxes?

We're constantly reviewing and expanding our Custom Cloud Sandbox services. However, you are welcome to submit specific requests (opens Google form).

How do I know how to create a Custom Cloud Sandbox template?

We provide a documentation guide for org admins within the platform that provides information on how to build a template. See image above.

What happens when I submit a Custom Cloud Sandbox template?

Once submitted, the template will enter an approval process for our ACG team. We will review the template and ensure that there are no errors before building your Custom Cloud Sandboxes. If there are errors within the template, we will ask you to make changes to the template and resubmit. Once the template is resubmitted and approved, we will build and launch the Custom Cloud Sandbox. It will be live for any learners assigned to the template.

How many learners can I assign to a Custom Cloud Sandbox template?

You can assign any number of learners within your organization to a template.

Can I view the usage of the Custom Cloud Sandboxes per learner?

Not currently. However, we are planning to build reporting that allows you to view the usage of each learner in your organization.

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