Custom cloud sandboxes for learners

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What are Custom Cloud Sandboxes?

Custom Cloud Sandboxes are a new feature for Business Plus Organizations that gives them the ability to add custom templates to the ACG Playground for learners to experiment with.

Custom Cloud Sandboxes allow you to test your skills in a risk-free environment before launching in your own production environment.

Who has access to Custom Cloud Sandboxes?

Any learners who have been assigned to a template will have access to Custom Cloud Sandboxes. Reach out to your admin to learn if you are eligible.

Custom Cloud Sandboxes: student experience

How can I access my assigned Custom Cloud Sandbox(es)?

  1. Click the Playground tab in the ACG navigation bar.
  2. Click the dropdown next to your chosen cloud provider.
  3. You'll now be able to select any sandbox assigned to you.

Note: If you don’t have a sandbox assigned to you, you won't have a dropdown option.

What happens to my data once mySandbox shuts down?

We completely wipe your data and environment once your Sandbox shuts down and you won’t be able to log back in.

Extended time limit

What is the Extended Time Limit feature?

Along with the Custom Sandbox feature, we have also added an extended time limit for Sandboxes within the ACG Playground. You now have the ability to double your Sandbox session from four to eight hours.

This will give you time to experiment within the Sandboxes and ensure that you have enough time to complete any tasks during your session.

Who gets the Extended Time Limit feature?

All learners that are part of an organization subscription will have access to the extended time limit feature.

How does the Extended Time Limit feature work?

You’ll will see a message informing you that you have access to the extended time limit. Then three hours into your session, you’ll receive a visual popup and audible notification allowing you to extend your session to eight hours. You’ll then have one hour to extend your time limit. If your session reaches a total of four hours, and you haven’t have not clicked Extend Session, your session will be terminated.

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