Daily update

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Who can use this?

Daily update shows your team's week over week impact and an overview of their commit activity from the prior work day. Use this data in your team’s workflows and daily standups. Review the prior day’s commit activity and status on workflows to view a full picture of their activity.  Learn more about impact

If you are a team lead, manager, or scrum master, use Daily update to:

  1. View a team’s weekly impact

  2. View a team’s commit activity on the previous day

  3. Inform your team during daily standups

How do I view impact?

Overall impact shows the week over week impact and work focus from the previous day. The week over week view shows the amount of lines of code contributed to each day of the work week. The work focus yesterday shows the percentages of each work type contributed the previous day. 

Who didn’t check in code yesterday?

Users didn’t check in code yesterday shows you the users who didn’t check in code yesterday.

Who contributed the most yesterday?

Top contributor shows the user who contributed the most code the previous day. Top gainer shows the user who had the most impact over the last 30 days. Tech debt clean up shows the user who addressed the most technical debt. 

How do I view commit activity?

Commits with the biggest impact shows the previous day’s commits with the largest impact. Commits from yesterday shows the user, commits, lines, focus, and impact level of each commit from the previous day. 

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