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The Leader dashboard (opens in new tab) surfaces information dynamically tailored to your plan. Quick links take you directly to some of the most valuable features on the Skills platform, including Role IQ and relevant analytics reports.

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The overview section shows overall metrics for your plan. The data fields include:

  • Licenses purchased
  • Licensed redeemed
  • Pending invites
  • Total view time
  • Average view time/active user

Note: For plans with multiple license types, the metrics here represent a sum total of all purchased license types. For example, if you've purchased 5,000 Skills licenses, 3,000 Labs licenses, and 500 Tech Foundations licenses, the Licenses purchased will be 8,500.

To see a breakdown of these metrics per license type, see the Directory tab on the People page (opens in new tab).


You can take the following actions from the overview section of the dashboard:

  • Add new user: Click this to open the Add new user modal on the People page. See Managing learners for more information.
  • Date range: Customize both the web and CSV reports with the date range filter.
  • Select teams: Customize both the web and CSV reports with the teams filter. To include unassigned users, make sure all teams are deselected.
  • Download reports: Choose from various analytics reports, and customize the date range for the download. See the respective analytics articles for descriptions of the report fields.

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Role IQ

The Role IQ section includes a handy link to your Role IQ admin page. See Role IQ for leaders: Starter and Professional plans or Role IQ for leaders: Enterprise plans to learn more.

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The last section of the dashboard includes visualizations of some of the most important analytics data for your plan, along with links to their pages. See their respective analytics articles for more information.

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