Data Driven 1:1s with Engineers

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Course Overview

Using the player card in 1:1s

Summary Recap

For further information, see  1_1s with Developers.pdf.

Learning Check

Which report is the most useful in 1:1s with developers?

  • Project Timeline.
  • PR Resolution.
  • Player Card.

Before we start using data as a starting point for discussion in 1:1s for the first time, what should we do? 

  • Coach team members on what the different reports are showing and help get them comfortable with the data.
  • Bring the reports into the discussion and start asking questions about different metrics or trends.

An engineer recently joined your team and is beginning to ramp up. How do you know?

  • Their Active Days per Week and PR Involvement are beginning to rise.
  • Their Influence is increasing and Review Coverage is decreasing.
  • Their Unreviewed PRs metric is beginning to rise.

See LC M1_ 1_1s with developers.pdf for correct answers.

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