Data Driven 1:1s with Managers

Tags: Flow

Course Overview

Using the player card in 1:1s with your manager

Using the Project timeline in 1:1s with your manager

Using code fundamentals in 1:1s with your manager

Summary and Recap

For further information, see  1_1s with Managers.pdf.

Learning Checks

How is the Player Card most commonly used in 1:1s with Managers? 

  • To help managers keep a pulse on how things are going, proactively make the team’s work visible, and advocate for specific team members. 
  • To give an overview of what every individual on the team is working on. 
  •  To provide a high-level view of team collaboration trends over time. 

Your team decides to allocate an entire sprint to cleaning up older areas of the codebase. Which report should you use to make the work your team is doing visible? 

  • Code Fundamentals
  • PR Resolution
  • Project Timeline

See LC M4_ 1_1s with Managers.pdf for correct answers.

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