Deleting data for ACG business plan users

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The following are Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) instructions for A Cloud Guru plan administrators who want to make a DSAR for permanent data deletion under GDPR, CCPA, or other relevant privacy laws and regulations.

Note: If you’re a user on a business plan and you want your data permanently deleted, reach out to your plan administrator. If you’re an individual learner not part of a business plan, follow the steps in Permanently deleting an account.

Warning: All data deletions are permanent and cannot be undone. Users on your plan whose data is permanently deleted must create a new account to return to A Cloud Guru in the future.

Deletion of a user on an ACG business plan who is also a current or previous Pluralsight user also results in the deletion of any Pluralsight account associated with email addresses used with their ACG account. This is because the ACG and Pluralsight platforms are in the process of merging into a single platform with unified data to improve the customer experience.

Submitting a data deletion request

  1. In a spreadsheet program, create a list of users whose data you want to permanently delete by listing each user’s email address as it appears on the Users page (opens in new tab).
  2. Email the completed spreadsheet to Pluralsight Support (opens email form).

Once you submit your deletion request, please allow 30 days for the request to process. If you submit a deletion request involving a large volume or complex data, it may take additional time beyond the 30 days to fulfill your request. We will make every effort to complete your request as soon as possible, but may need to request an extension to fully respond to your request. In such a scenario, we will provide an estimated timeframe for completion of your request and provide you with updates if we encounter any issues or complications that may impact our ability to complete your request within the estimated timeframe. 

We take all data protection requests seriously and will make every effort to respond to your request promptly and efficiently.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.