Deployment frequency

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Deployment frequency measures how often you deploy code. This DORA metric shows how often you’re able to drive updates and value to your customers. Use this metric to understand if you need to improve your deployment processes and tools.

Note: Before using Deployment frequency, you must configure your deployments.

Which reports use Deployment frequency?

Deployment frequency is available in Home, Retrospective , and the Team health insights report.


Customize your selected metrics to include Deployment frequency in Home. Use this report as a high-level summary of your team’s Deployment frequency. Learn more about Home.

Retrospective report

Details about Deployment frequency are available in the Retrospective report. Use this report for a detailed analysis of Deployment frequency to help answer questions like:

  • Does the timing of deployments fit with the workflow?
  • What deployments are your team making?
  • What deployments are happening on what days?
  • How does your deployment frequency vary day-to-day?

Team health insights

Use Team health insights to gain insight into your team's delivery efficiency.

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What does Deployment frequency measure?

Deployment frequency measures how often code is successfully deployed.

To help increase Deployment frequency:

  • Aim for continuous delivery
  • Try to release smaller and more regular deployments

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How is Deployment frequency calculated?

Deployment frequency = Number of deployments in date range / number of weeks.

Flow also shows the total number of deployments in the date range.

Deployments are defined by how you configure your deployments.

Flow takes the median of the number of deployments per week for a selected date range. Finding the median provides a more accurate representation of how many deployments actually happen within a week.  

For example, assume you set your date range to six weeks. Assume that within those six weeks, the first five weeks have zero deployments and the last week has 24 incremental deployments. This is not the same as four deployments per week for that six week period.

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Deployment frequency benchmarks

Flow uses four benchmarks to categorize Deployment frequency. The benchmarks displayed for this DORA metric are partially based on the State of DevOps 2021 report (PDF, opens in new tab), and customized for Flow. Flow compares the value of the metric against these benchmarks.

The elite rating may not be realistic for all processes and organizations. Use the time as a signal to indicate where your team can focus their efforts to remove friction. The goal is continuous improvement rather than meeting a benchmark.

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