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Want your teams' metrics directly in your inbox?

You can choose to receive Digest Emails for a quick roundup of what your team delivered. If you'd like to receive Digest Emails on a weekly or daily basis, you can set your delivery preferences in the app.

Who can use this?



Getting Started

  1. In order to receive daily or weekly Digest Emails you need to have the appropriate permissions. To do this you need to navigate to your Settings menu. Using the left navigation under User Management click Users.

    If you don’t have access to Manage Users & Teams this tab will not show up in your navigation, in which case you will need your organization administrator to give you permission to receive Digest Emails. 

  2. Locate the user you’d like to modify. 

    Note: These permissions can also be modified at the role level.

  3. Under the Access tab click on Administration.
  4.  Select one or both of the following permissions for the user and click Save Changes.

    • Receive Daily Digest Email
    • Receive Weekly Digest Email
  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom right corner of the modal.
  6. After clicking Save Changes, a pop-up will appear asking to confirm your changes. Click Yes, update user's view access.

How to subscribe to daily/weekly Digest Emails

  1. Once you have received the proper permissions go to Settings menu. Under Report Settings click Messages.

  2. Under the Personal Settings tab select your timezone, choose the Digest Emails you want to receive (daily/weekly) then the time you would like to receive your Digest Emails. Click Save changes

    Note: Setting the timezone for digest emails sets the timezone for both emails and reports. Your email digest report and report timestamps will appear in the selected timezone. Setting this timezone affects only your account.

  3. Congrats! You have successfully set up your email preferences to receive Digest Emails. 

What you can expect from Digest Emails

Digest Emails are tailored to the recipient’s view rights. If you can only view your own work the email will contain your data only plus team aggregate data. Likewise, if your view rights allow you to see your organizational data the emails will reflect that. The emails will contain the following report:

Daily (or weekly) Impact 

Repository Focus

Work Focus

Most Notable Commits 

Contributors By Impact

Pull Requests

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