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Set your digest email delivery preference to receive Digest Emails on a weekly or daily basis. Send Digest emails to customized groups of users to offer a quick roundup of your team’s deliverables.

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To receive email reports, you need the turn on one or both of the following permissions:

  • Receive Daily Digest Email
  • Receive Weekly Digest Email

Tip: These permissions can also be modified at the role level.

Note: To turn on Receive Daily Digest Email and Receive Weekly Digest Email permissions, you need the Manage Users & Teams permission.

To turn on permissions to Receive Digest Emails:

  1. Click Settings in Flow’s top navigation bar.
  2. In the left navigation under User Management, click Users.

    Note: If you don’t have access to Manage Users & Teams, the Users tab doesn't appear in your navigation. If you don't see it, ask your organization administrator to give you permission to receive Digest Emails.

  3. Click the user you’d like to modify.
  4. On the user page, click the Access tab.
  5. Under the Management section, select one or both of the following permissions for the user:
    • Receive Daily Digest Email
    • Receive Weekly Digest Email
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. Confirm your changes in the pop up. Click Yes, update user's view access.

How to subscribe to Digest Emails

Now that you've set the permissions, tell Flow who to send your email report to.

  1. Click Settings in Flow’s top navigation bar.
  2. In the left navigation under Report Settings, click Messages.
  3. Click the the Personal Settings tab.
  4. Select your time zone in the My time zone dropdown.

    Note: Setting the time zone for digest emails sets the time zone for both emails and reports. Your email digest report and report timestamps will appear in the selected time zone. Setting this time zone affects only your account.

  5. Under Email digest subscriptions, choose to receive emails daily, weekly, or both.
  6. Use the Preferred email delivery time dropdown to select when you want to receive your Digest emails
  7. Click Save changes.

What you can expect from Digest Emails

Digest Emails are tailored to the recipient’s view rights.

If you can only view your own work, the emails contain your data only plus team aggregate data.

If your view rights allow you to see your organizational data, the emails provide summaries of org level metrics.

Learn more about view rights.

The reports included in a Digest email vary depending on which reports were selected for your email report. Learn more about creating email reports.

Digest emails can contain the following reports:

Daily or weekly Impact

Repository Focus

Work Focus

Most Notable Commits

Contributors By Impact

Pull Requests

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