Discussion boards

What are discussion boards?

Each of our courses has a discussion board. This is a dedicated community, which typically includes the author of the course. The discussion boards allow you to give feedback, ask questions, or participate in discussion surrounding the topics covered by the course. Oftentimes, our authors will join in on the discussion.

How do I use the discussion boards?

To find the discussion board for a course, locate the course table of contents and click on the "Discussion" tab as shown below.


Our discussion board is powered by Disqus. In order to to participate in a discussion board you will need to register and/or sign in to your Disqus account. You can then post on any of the discussion boards for as long as your subscription is active.

How can I follow a course's discussion?

You can follow a course's discussions to get notified of any new posts by clicking on the "subscribe" button at the bottom of the thread as shown in the screenshot below. 

This will only subscribe you to the specific course's comments, so if you would like to be notified for multiple courses, you would have to subscribe to each course's discussion board.


Can I vote on the discussion boards?

Yes, you can vote on other people's comments. 

If you found a comment particularly helpful (or not), you can click on the up or down arrow below the post as shown in the screenshot below.

Why do I have to create a Disqus account to post on the discussion boards?

Currently, we have not integrated our discussion boards with Pluralsight instead of Disqus accounts, but this is on our roadmap for the future.  

We do want our users to be able to sign into Pluralsight and not to worry about another set of credentials, but we need some additional time to work this out.

If you have any feedback or concerns around our discussion boards, you can email into support@pluralsight.com.

I am not getting a response on the discussion boards, what should I do?

As discussion boards are community based you may not get a quick response. We're sorry about this.

If a few days have passed and you are waiting on a question, please email support@pluralsight.com. We'd be happy to follow up on your request and try to expedite an answer to your question or concern.