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Discussion boards allow you to ask questions, provide feedback, and participate in conversations about a course topic. All video courses have a discussion board.

How do I use the discussion boards?

To find the discussion board, click a course that interests you. Then click the Discussion tab.

Important: Our discussion board is powered by Disqus. To participate in a discussion board, you'll need to register and log in to your Disqus account. You can log in or sign up from the Discussion tab. To do this, click the Disqus icon in the discussion board, or click Login and choose Disqus from the dropdown list. With an active subscription or license, you can post in any discussion board.

You can upvote and downvote comments in the discussion board.

To follow a discussion board, click Subscribe at the bottom of a board. This will subscribe you only to the comments for this course. Click Do Not Sell My Data to adjust privacy settings.

Note: Since discussion boards are community based, you may not get a prompt response to a question. If a few days have passed and you're still waiting for a response, you can contact us using the link below to expedite an answer to your question or concern.

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