Editing channels

Once content is added to your channel, you have many options for modifying and customizing channels and content.

Scroll to the bottom section for group plan only channels options, such as objectives and privacy settings.

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Channel content and organization

Organizing your channel

To organize the content within a channel to be in a particular order, you can drag and drop whichever content you choose and move it up or down to wherever you wish. 

Copying content from one channel to another

To copy content from one channel to another, find the content you wish to copy, and click the three dots icon on the far right of that content. Click Add to channel and select the channel you want to add it to.

To move the content (rather than copying it), follow the above steps to copy the content to the desired channel. Then click the three dots icon and click Remove to remove it from the current channel.

Removing modules within a Pluralsight course

When adding courses to your channels, you may find that some course modules are less relevant to your channel objectives. You can remove such modules to keep the channel focused on what's important to you.

Removing modules does not stop them from playing. It serves as a suggestion for you to skip those modules. To remove modules within a course, follow these steps:

  1. Find the course you want to remove modules from.
  2. Click the down arrow on the right side of the course. Then, click Edit near the course's Table of Contents. This will populate check box selectors for the content.
  3. Uncheck the modules you want to remove.

Note: Learners using channels on mobile devices will see the entire course. 

Duplicating a channel

To duplicate a channel, locate the channel, then click the three dots icon. Click Duplicate Channel and fill in the details including the name, objective, description, and privacy settings.

Deleting a channel

To delete a channel, locate the channel, then click the three dots icon next to the Add content button. Click Delete Channel. Deleting a channel is permanent and cannot be undone.

Note: You can only delete channels you've made. You cannot delete a channel made by someone else. 

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Additional channels settings for group plans

Editing privacy settings

  1. Locate the channel you want to change the privacy settings on.
  2. From the channel overview area, select Edit Channel.
  3. Set the Privacy level to Personal - You & people with a link or Company. If you choose Company, your channel will be available to anyone in the company and also opens up advanced options for you to select.

Adding and customizing channel objectives

When you create or edit a channel as a plan admin or team manager, you have the opportunity to add an objective.

There are three default objectives you can choose from: Onboarding, Switching technology, and Skilling up.

What are channel objectives? Why should I use them?

On group plans, objectives are a way to label your channel to align with your team's goals. 

example of a channel with an Onboarding objective

Channel objectives appear with a target icon on the channels page, and also appear in channels analytics. You can sort channels analytics by objectives and see how your teams are progressing toward your company's objectives.

To create a custom objective for your company, type the objective name in the Objective field, and click the orange + Create objective text.

Now that the custom objective exists for your company, other team managers and plan admins can use your new objective to align their channels around the goal you identified with your objective.

Custom objectives are case-sensitive, so a Technology skills objective is separate from a Technology Skills objective.

If you need to change an objective, edit the channel, then edit the objective. Please note that this will only change the objective tied to the channel you're editing. Edit all channels with the objective to change the objective's text completely.

Note: A plan admin or team manager cannot edit an objective if they created the channel as private to them, and then transferred the channel's ownership to someone else without maintaining contributor access.

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