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Use email reports to send scheduled summaries of Flow metrics to select groups of users. Email reports provide quick access to Flow reports without users needing to log into Flow.

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To create an email report, you need the Manage Email Reporting permission.

For users to receive email reports, learn more about Digest emails.

Create an email report

Create and manage multiple email reports for groups of individuals or teams.

To create an email report:

  1. Click Settings in Flow’s top navigation bar.
  2. In the left navigation under Report settings, click Messages.
  3. Click the Email reporting tab on the Messages page.
  4. Click the Create report button.
  5. Enter an email report.
  6. Select Email report metrics, filters, and delivery schedule. Each of these steps are detailed in the following sections.

Select metrics for your email report

Choose specific metrics you want to include in your email report.

To select metrics for your email report:

  1. Click the text box to view a drop down menu of metrics.
  2. Select the metrics you want in your report. A green arrow appears next to included metrics.
  3. Once you select your metrics, you can view them in Selected metrics below the metrics selector.

To remove a metric from your email report:

  1. Click the x button next to the metric name underneath Selected metrics. Remove a metric by clicking into the metric selector and clicking the metric.
  2. The green check mark disappears once you deselect the metric.


Use filters to:

  • Select organization or team level depths of your report.
  • Apply date ranges to the metrics in your email reports.

Report depth selects the level of data your email report includes:

  • Org depth provides a summary of org level metrics only.
  • Team depth provides metrics for specific teams.

Note: For Team depth, select up to three teams for your report. When selecting three teams, Flow sends out each team report as an individual email.

  1. Click Select a team to add a team.
  2. Toggle on Include in nested teams to include any nested teams.
  3. Click Add team, to add additional teams to your email report,

Use the Report bundling drop down menu to select how to send out your reports.

  • Send teams with org data sends one email report with organizational data.
  • Send all teams together in one email sends one email that includes all team level data.
  • Send teams individually sends an individual email for each team.

In the below example, Send all teams together is selected as the report bundling option. The Org level metrics go out in one email report. Both Engineers and Product level metrics go out as separate reports.

Select date ranges

Select the date range you wish to view from the drop down menu. To add a second date range, click Add a date range.


In the Delivery section, indicate who the report should be sent to and the delivery frequency.


Choose who receives your email report. Enter one or more email addresses of the recipients separated by commas.

You don't need to input your own email address. Any report you generate automatically sends to your account's primary email address.

Delivery time

Create a schedule and delivery cadence for your reports.

To schedule a delivery for your reports:

  1. In the Delivery time dropdown, select Schedule. Schedule allows you to set the date, time zone, and frequency of report delivery.
  2. Click the calendar icon inside the Send at text box to select a date from the calendar.
  3. Toggle on or off the enable toggle to enable or disable the delivery schedule at any time.

To send a report as soon as it’s ready, select ASAP In the Delivery time dropdown. ASAP delivers the report when the report is ready to view. This may take up to an hour.

Send Your Report

When you are done scheduling your report, click the Schedule Reports button. Reports may take up to an hour to be delivered.

What do Email reports look like?

Reports appear differently based on your selection. Below is an example of what a report might look like. A PDF version of the report is also attached to the email.

Managing email reports

To edit an existing email report:

  1. Click Settings in Flow’s top navigation bar.
  2. In the left navigation under Report settings, click Messages.
  3. Click the Email reporting tab on the Messages page.
  4. Click a report’s name.
  5. Change the report information.

To delete a report, click the delete icon to the right of the report.

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