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The Exam voucher tracker helps you monitor learners’ real-time certification progress and guide them toward completion.

Who can use this?

Admins:    +
+ Available on plans that have purchased
an applicable plan add-on


The Exam voucher tracker is a centralized operations hub for plan admins to track learner engagement milestones and exam outcomes along the certification journey. It details each learner’s progress, including data points that help you:

  • Gain a broad understanding of your team’s prep activity
  • See individual team members’ exam results and scheduled exams
  • Track voucher assignment and expiration
  • View certification progress across multiple teams

Note: This after-purchase experience is currently available for the ITIL and PRINCE2 exam voucher add-ons.

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Using the tracker

To get to the Exam voucher tracker, log into Skills and click Certifications in the top navigation menu. This will take you to the Certification Prep Center. If you’ve already purchased a voucher add-on, click View voucher tracker to go to the Exam voucher tracker.

View voucher tracker

Important: The View voucher tracker button won’t be visible to you until you purchase an exam voucher add-on. See Common Questions below for further details.

Once you're in the tracker, you'll see data aggregated into four main categories:

Tracker view
  1. The User progress section gives you an at-a-glance view of your team’s overall certification activity, as well as the current tally of available vouchers. You can request additional vouchers via the Request new vouchers button in this section.
  2. The Exams section shows you the distribution of exams passed, failed, and scheduled during the past 12 months. Hovering over each segment of the bar will give you the count for each.
  3. The User preparation activity section shows you the percentage of users who’ve accessed the prep path and the percentage of users who’ve begun a practice exam.
  4. The User details section supplements the other sections by providing a granular data set of each team member’s exam prep activity. You can export this data at any time by clicking the download icon. Use the time frame dropdown to adjust the time span of the data you wish to export.

Tip: You can use the certification and team toggles at the top of the page to isolate data by certification type (for example, ITIL or PRINCE2) and by team if you have more than one team.

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Common questions

How do I purchase and assign vouchers?

Contact your Pluralsight contact to purchase and assign vouchers.

What happens after I purchase the voucher and when can I view the tracker data?

  1. Plan admin purchases and assigns vouchers.
  2. Users and plan admin are active.
    • Users view content, schedule their exams with PeopleCert, and take their exams.
    • Plan admin gains access to the Exam voucher tracker.
  3. Tracker data is available to plan admin approximately one week from date of purchase.

Can a voucher be reassigned to someone else?

Exam vouchers are neither transferable nor refundable.

How can I find out how many exam vouchers I have left to assign?

The Overview section in the tracker shows the number of unassigned exam vouchers.

Can I change the exam for the vouchers I purchased?

The voucher package—which includes both the content and the exam—is not interchangeable at this time.

Do exam vouchers expire?

The voucher must be used within six months of the time the learner receives it.

My learner says they can't find the content on our platform, how do I find out if they have the correct content access?

Please email our support team at support@pluralsight.com.

My users have not received an email from PeopleCert to schedule an exam. What’s the next step?

Please contact Pluralsight Support (opens email form).

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.