Excluding users from reports

Tags: Flow

At times it is necessary to exclude/hide users from your reports. Some common use cases are:

  • Current employees you do not want to track in Flow.
  • External contributors who committed to an open source repository in your account who are not associated with your organization. 
Note: When hiding users on your reports, keep in mind that if the user you are hiding was once an active contributor in your organization, hiding them will skew your overall organizational level data. We recommend keeping any old employees visible in your reports so you are always looking at the complete picture when viewing large time frames. Learn more about hidden users

To exclude a user from all reports:

  1. From your Settings menu under User Management click Users.
  2. Find the user/s you wish to exclude by searching or using the advanced filters.
  3. You can exclude multiple users at a time, using the drop down menu and clicking Exclude from metrics. Or you can exclude a single user by using the toggle in the Include in Metrics column.
  4. You have successfully excluded the user/s. You can include them back into your reports at any point using the same process.

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