Exercise files

What are exercise files?

Exercise files are material included by the course's author to work along with the course. Exercise files may include .pdf slides for the course, instructor notes, source code, and other helpful resources.

Most video courses have exercise files, but vary based on what the instructor feels is necessary for the course and will vary by topic.

To download exercise files:

  1. Browse through the course library and choose your desired course.
  2. Click on the Exercise files tab.
  3. Download and extract the zip file.

Q: There are no exercise files for this course, what should I do?

First, please confirm that you have an active subscription on your Account: Subscription & billing page.

Next, if you have an active subscription, please email support@pluralsight.com with the course name for which you are trying to access the exercise files. We will look into this further and work with our content team to make any necessary corrections.

Q: The exercise files I download are not working, what should I do?

First, please make sure you are using the software and configuration that follows the course.

If you are following along with the course and running into an error, please email support@pluralsight.com. We will confirm any issues and make sure we work with our content team to make any necessary corrections.

If you need help, please email support@pluralsight.com for 24/7 assistance.