Export Flow data to Microsoft Excel

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This article guides you through the steps to take your Flow data and import it into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that you can then analyze.

To export Flow data to Microsoft Excel:

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  1. Open a browser and enter the URL for your desired request, adding format=csv as an argument. For example https://flow.pluralsight.com/v3/customer/core/users/?limit=5&format=csv
    The format=csv argument causes the API to return CSV formatted results that you can then import into Excel.
  2. The data is formatted as a csv file and downloaded to your local system.
  3. Open Microsoft Excel.
  4. Click Data then Get Data then click From Text/CSV. The data opens in the query window.
  5. Locate your downloaded file.
  6. Select the Load To… option located at the bottom of the window, as shown below:
  7. Select Table from the list of options:
  8. The data is loaded in the current workbook:
  9. Make your desired changes.

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