How can I use Pluralsight with Visual Studio Code?

What is the VS Code Extension?

Pluralsight’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension provides access to relevant skill development on the Pluralsight platform in your moment of need.

Note: The extension does not have specific plan admin or team manager functionality. 

What does the extension do?

The extension provides Pluralsight Skills content recommendations in VS Code based on the coding languages and file extensions you are using, while also offering access to Pluralsight’s content search, personal or company channels, and your company’s Q&A.

For more information and to download the extension, please visit the marketplace.

What content can I see?

The extension shows Skills content including: Video Courses, Interactive Courses, Guides, Projects, and Paths. You can also see your private channels, as well as company channels and Q&A where applicable. To update either list, click the refresh icon in that view.

The extension will show content based on the predominant code language of your workspace, custom searches, and your dependencies, including metrics for popularity, quality, and maintenance from npms.io

The extension also recommends individual clips from video courses based on the current editor tab content. Highlight a section of code for more specific recommendations. 

Does Pluralsight have access to my code?

No. Your source code stays on your machine and is not sent to Pluralsight.

For more information on your source code and how to limit shared data, please refer to the documentation in the Marketplace listing

Do I need to log in to Pluralsight to view content?

To perform searches, there is no need to log in, but viewing content will require you to log in.

If you want to use the channels or Q&A views, you do need to log in with your Pluralsight credentials.

Both views have the option to Click here to login, which will open your default browser and ask you to log in to Pluralsight. Logging in will authenticate your login in VS Code for a week. After this time, you will need to log in again to re-authenticate.

How do I hide a view I don’t want to see?

By default, all views are visible. If you don’t want to see all of them, you can hide the ones you aren’t using. 

To hide a view, left click on the header of the Pluralsight extension tab. Uncheck any of the views you no longer wish to see.

Follow this same process to make a view you’ve previously hidden visible again.

Note: Learners can only see content in the Q&A view if they are logged in and they’re a learner in a business plan with Q&A. If you don’t have access to Q&A, you can hide the view.

Can I use the extension offline?

The extension has no offline player support and will always direct you to your default browser when trying to watch Skills content.

If you’re working offline, information from your last search, as well as your list of channels and Q&A, should still be displayed, but new searches can’t be conducted until internet connection is restored.

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If you need help, please email support@pluralsight.com for 24/7 assistance.