Flow Enterprise Server release 2021.3.1

This information is specific to the Flow Enterprise Server 2021.3.1 release.

Important notes

  • Flow Enterprise Server is moving to require a single, raw block device for Ceph storage usage on every node in the cluster. This is a requirement for new installations and is optional for upgrades in the 2021.3.1 release. Future versions of Flow Enterprise Server will require raw block devices for upgrades.
  • In order to ensure stability of Flow, Pluralsight recommends that customers implement a three-node cluster to provide protection from node failure, disk failure, and volume corruption.
  • If you’re upgrading from a previous Flow version to 2021.3.1, you must reinstall Flow from the command line. You cannot upgrade through the KOTS admin console. You must export your Flow configuration, uninstall Flow for all nodes, then reinstall Flow. Read the article about upgrading to Flow Enterprise Server 2021.3.1 for more details.

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Features and major changes


  • Now you can access the new version of the Work log report to help track your users’ activity. This new version is faster and better highlights the work your teams are doing. This replaces your previous version of the Work log report.

User management

  • When downloading a team CSV, Flow automatically applies any filters you have selected on the page. This means your CSV will only show you the information you want. If no filters are selected, Flow will download the full team list.
  • Now you can automatically merge users if they have aliases whose sign in email addresses or user email addresses match, even if the usernames do not match. Learn more about merging users. Automerging is Option 3. This setting is not on by default.


  • Enhanced security for database credentials, encryption keys, and Django sessions
  • Removed reliance on root permissions for all Java worker pods
  • Added touchless automation for installation tools
  • Improved stability for upgrades
  • Included updates to Kubernetes stack components

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Patch release updates

  • 2021.3.1-1: Resolved data migration issue for upgrades from older version of Flow Enterprise Server
  • 2021.3.1-2: Added remediations for log4j vulnerabilities
  • 2021.3.1-3: Added additional remediations for log4j vulnerabilities
  • 2021.3.1-4: Resolved issue with using custom certificates for integration workers
  • 2021.3.1-5:
    • Resolved additional issue with using custom certificates for integration workers
    • Added additional remediations for log4j vulnerabilities
  • 2021.3.1-6:
    • Resolved database performance issue
    • Resolved issue with internal pod permissions

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Resolved issues and miscellaneous updates

  • Flow found an issue with how collaboration metrics are calculated in some workflows. In some cases, Flow was incorrectly calculating the time it took to respond to a comment with a commit or another comment. The issue is fixed in Flow Enterprise 2021.3.1.
    The issue affected the underlying data that produces the following metrics: responsiveness, comments addressed, receptiveness, influence, and follow on commits. You may see changes in these metrics, but these changes should not be drastic.
  • Influence metric showing as 0%.
  • Scheduler script not updating PRs correctly.

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