Flow Enterprise server release 2023.2.1

This information is specific to the Flow Enterprise Server 2023.2.1 release.

Important notes

  • To install this update, you must uninstall your current version, then reinstall Flow Enterprise Server 2023.2.1 using version or greater of the flow-enterprise-tools package. Learn more about upgrading to 2023.2.1.

    Important: You cannot upgrade to 2023.2.1 in the KOTS admin console. You must uninstall and reinstall from the command line.

  • This release does not include any Flow app updates. Its main purpose is to address vulnerabilities in supporting Kubernetes components.

  • Removes Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana, and Splunk forwarding.

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Features and major changes

  • Updates Kubernetes version to 1.25.8

  • Updates containerd to version 1.6.19

  • Updates rook-ceph to version 1.11.2

  • Updates weave to version 2.8.1

  • Updates contour to 1.24.2

  • Updates prometheus to version 2.42.0

  • Updates ecko to version 0.26.4

  • Updates kotsadm to version 1.97.0

  • Removes EFK (Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana, Splunk) stack

  • Updates Kubernetes manifests for version 1.25.x compatibility

These updates address the following vulnerabilities:

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Patch release updates

  • 2023.2.1-1: Resolved issue with session cookies domain settings.
  • 2023.2.1-2: Resolved issue with using updated_at, updated_at__gt, updated_at__gte, updated_at__lt, and updated_at_lte parameters in the available_repos and available_ticket_projects API endpoints.

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