Report metrics

Understand Flow's metrics.

Coding metrics

Learn about metrics calculated from commit data.

DORA metrics

Learn about DORA metrics.

Pull request and collaboration metrics

Learn about metrics calculated from pull request data.

Ticket metrics

Learn about metrics calculated from ticket data.


Can’t you just "game" the metrics?
This question comes up quite a bit, and the answer is complicated. First, what do you mean by gaming metrics? If you’re asking about whether you should change all of your coding habits just to get “good” metrics without considerin...
Flow metrics
Use this article to learn more about some of Flow's most common metrics. In this article Coding metrics Submit metrics Review metrics Team collaboration metrics Coding metrics Coding days What: Any day where a develope...
Industry benchmarks
Industry benchmarks are reference points for metrics based on the software development industry. Use industry benchmarks to see how your team compares with the industry. This helps you and your team identify potential areas of growth. In this art...