Flow Enterprise Server

Welcome to Pluralsight Flow. This suite of articles answers questions related to installing, maintaining, and administrating your version of Flow Enterprise Server.

The latest version of Flow Enterprise Server is 2023.3.1. Learn more about the future of Flow in the cloud.

Flow Enterprise Server includes the functionality of the Flow Cloud offering and can be installed inside your data center or private cloud.

Flow Enterprise Server:

  • Lets you install Flow into your data center or private cloud to protect it behind a firewall
  • Never sends information about your source code or metrics outside your infrastructure
  • Is completely self-contained
  • Lets you integrate with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, BitBucket, BitBucket Server, and GitLab Cloud

Get set up for success

Important: First, carefully read the system requirements article for 2023.3.1 before installing or updating Flow Enterprise Server.

Release notes

What you'll find:

  • Information on what's new in Flow Enterprise Server for each new release
  • Important things to know before upgrading
  • Notes on what's been improved or fixed

Click here for Flow Enterprise Server release notes

Installation guides

What you'll find:

  • Information to gather before you begin an installation
  • System requirements so you have the best experience with Flow Enterprise Server
  • Instructions for installing Flow Enterprise Server

Click here to get started with your Flow Enterprise Server installation and setup

Upgrading Flow Enterprise Server

What you'll find:

  • Information on how to update your license
  • A guide on upgrading Flow Enterprise Server
  • Tips on backing up your data

Click here for Upgrading Flow Enterprise Server

Additional setup and troubleshooting

What you'll find:

  • Suggestions for troubleshooting issues with your environment
  • Details about further customizing your installation
  • Instructions for setting up SSO for Flow Enterprise Server

Click here for Additional setup and troubleshooting

Once you've successfully set up Flow, check out our Flow Getting Started Guide to configure Flow so it works for you. These articles walk you through importing data, managing users, and understanding metrics.

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