Flow on-premises release 2020.2.1

This information is specific to the 2020.2.1 Flow Enterprise on-premises release.

Important notes:

  • This upgrade requires Postgres 12. Google Cloud SQL is currently in beta for Postgres 12, and will be supported in a future release.
  • You must upgrade to at least Enterprise version 2020.1.1+ before installing this update.
  • This is the last major version release for Docker Swarm. All future releases will require Kubernetes.
  • Please ensure you have a fully-formed-URL for an entity ID (This is a new requirement with the upgraded version of the underlying pip install pySAML dependency)

Features and major changes

  • Pluralsight Flow is getting a new look to complement Pluralsight Skills. This new look will cover all reports. The settings pages will be updated in a later release. The navigation panel is also getting a new look. It will contain all of the same content, but now you'll be able to toggle between Reports and Settings seamlessly, and easily view both menus.
  • Default view rights for the organization are now located under the Role management page in Settings, and can be set by selecting Set default view rights
  • The Pair Programming feature will be turned on automatically for all customers. This will give you more reliable insight into teams who pair and mob.  To utilize pair programming simply navigate to Settings then Configurations then Group Programming. From there you'll be able to configure how you want to indicate which people are working in a group.


  • Resolved: Issue with PR reports showing incomplete data, e.g. Responsiveness, Reaction Time, and Involvement
  • Resolved: Email invites and email reports not sending
  • Resolved: PR and Ticket projects not processing
  • In-progress: You can no longer select a nested team for Email Reporting. We are currently working on a fix and will have deployed in the next release.

Requirements to upgrade to 2020.2.1

Before starting the upgrade, you should:

  1. Back up your database.
  2. Be sure that you have a valid database backup that can be restored.
  3. Review the system requirements. System requirements have changed recently. You can find the system requirements for your install method in our Getting Started section.
  4. Read the section Updating Flow Enterprise section thoroughly before starting the update.
  5. Make sure you have installed Docker version 18.06.2 or greater.
  6. Make sure you have installed Replicated version 2.30.0 or greater.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.