Flow on-premises release 2020.2.2

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This information is specific to the 2020.2.2 Flow enterprise on-premises release.

Important notes

  • This upgrade requires Postgres 12 and utilizes KOTS, which is an embedded Kubernetes stack.

Note: Google Cloud SQL is currently in beta for Postgres 12, and will be supported in a future release.

  • You must upgrade to Flow Enterprise 2020.2.1 before upgrading to 2020.2.2.
  • If you intend to use SSO, please ensure you have a fully-formed URL for an entity ID. This is a new requirement with the upgraded version of the underlying pip install pySAML dependency.
  • Before you begin the installation, make sure to gather all required information.

If you are completing a fresh installation, and there is no existing Flow software installed on your machine, check out our Flow system requirements and manual installation instructions.

Upgrading to 2020.2.2

If you're a current Flow Enterprise on-premises customer and need to migrate to 2020.2.2, please reach out to your Pluralsight contact or email support@pluralsight.com to discuss upgrading to 2020.2.2.

Important: At this time, customers cannot upgrade to 2020.2.2 without assistance from the Flow install team.

Features and major changes

  • The background pull request processor has been made faster and will decrease the time Flow needs to update metrics that rely on pull requests.
  • The search bar and pagination controls have been added back to the integration details page.
  • We've added improved error messaging for 502/503 errors.

Resolved bugs

  • Occasional pull request metric inaccuracies have been fixed.
  • The Include ticket data in reports toggle paused all imports on the Tickets tab of the ticket integration details page.
  • Special characters in the settings field prevented loading of the web interface.

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If you need help, please email support@pluralsight.com for 24/7 assistance.