Flow plan comparison

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This table shows which reports and settings are included on which Pluralsight Flow plan.

Reports and SettingsFlow Core planFlow Plus plan
Daily check
Work log
Review workflow
Ticket log
1-1 Coaching
Team processes
Sprint movement
Project timeline
Review collaboration
PR resolution
Knowledge sharing
Reporting trends
Team health insights✓*
Investment profile
Settings home
Slack notifications
Email notifications
Group programming
Data sources and integrations
Custom roles
API access

✓ = Included in plan

✓*= Plus offers more metrics than Core.

For Core: Team health insights includes coding days and commits per day. Submit reports includes unreviewed PRs and time to merge.

For Plus: Team health insights also includes Impact and Efficiency. Submit metrics reports also includes Comments addressed, responsiveness, and receptiveness.

Note: Reviewer fundamentals and Submit fundamentals reports are only available in Flow Enterprise Server.

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