Flow plan comparison

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This table shows which reports and settings are included on which Pluralsight Flow plan.

Reports and SettingsFlow Core planFlow Plus plan
Daily check
Work log
Review workflow
Ticket log
Daily update
Spot check
1-1 Coaching
Team processes
Sprint movement
Project timeline
Review collaboration
PR resolution
Knowledge sharing
Reporting trends
Team health insights✓*
Investment profile
Settings home
Slack notifications
Email notifications
Group programming
Data sources and integrations
Custom roles
API access

✓ = Included in plan

✓*= Plus offers more metrics than Core.

For Core: Team health insights includes coding days and commits per day. Submit reports includes unreviewed PRs and time to merge.

For Plus: Team health insights also includes Impact and Efficiency. Submit metrics reports also includes Comments addressed, responsiveness, and receptiveness.

Note: Reviewer fundamentals and Submit fundamentals reports are only available in Flow Enterprise Server.

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