Flow release: April 24, 2019

Tags: Flow


  • Users: alias emails added, new complex filters
  • Invite Users in bulk
  • ‘Unmerge all’ option added in merge tool
  • General configurations for teams and recent users
  • Teams: show/hide nested teams, new complex filters

Features/major changes

  • Users: alias emails added, new complex filters
    User details page has been updated to show the emails of a given user’s various aliases, providing a complete picture of the aliases in existence. Complex filters such as ‘has login’, ‘aliases’, and ‘include in metrics’ have been added to the user filters, to allow for greater customization of searches.
  • Invite users in bulk
    Multiple users can now easily be sent or re-sent invitations using bulk actions.
  • ‘Unmerge all’ option added in Merge tool
    Merge tool now provides the option to unmerge all selected users when one or more users (with the capability to unmerge) has been selected, creating a more efficient method of managing users and user aliases.
  • General Configurations for teams and recent Users
    General configurations have been added provide more in-depth options for both teams and the "Recent users" system team. For teams, the order in which teams appear on drop-down menus can be edited. For "Recent users" team, administrators can alter the criteria that determine recent users by customizing the work types and time-frame.
  • Teams: show/hide nested teams, new complex filters
    Within Team details, you can now elect to show/hide users in nested teams in the list of team members. Additionally complex filters have been added to allow for greater customization of searches.

Resolved issues

  • ‘Unsaved changes’ warning in Merge Tool has been fixed.
  • Several errors regarding teams resolved, including duplicate teams and issues with removing, adding, or selecting teams.
  • Top Contributor, Top Gainer, and Tech Debt Cleanup statistics restored to Daily Update page.
  • Issues with Commits API resolved.
  • Fix API aggregate[sum] parameter not working.
  • Manage Roles tab on User Details screen will now appear regardless of enabled SSO/SAML.
  • Digest Emails send issue has been resolved and are sending as scheduled.
  • Commits per Day and Impact do not match nested vs. flat team resolved.

Miscellaneous updates and fixes

  • Performance improvements of Nested Teams and Merge Tool
  • Trends report has been deprecated and no longer available in dashboard.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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