Flow release: April 8, 2021

Tags: Flow

Resolved issues

  • Unable to sort available repos by the last modified date
  • Broken link to Impact Help Center article in Digest emails
  • Repos from a group are auto-importing even when auto-import is turned off
  • Team filter selections don't persist when switching between reports
  • Formatting issues when configuring a project from a template in the Delivery Module
  • Repo picker filter not showing groups
  • Unable to import teams from Azure
  • Manage Delivery Configuration permission doesn't grant access to the Ticket Projects settings page
  • Unable to select a group calendar when choosing which events to show on reports
  • Team managers unable to filter by nested teams
  • Unable to get to the merge suggestions page from an individual user's alias page
  • Unable to scroll to the bottom of the Calendars page
  • Configured sprints not available to select when choosing dates in Code Fundamentals
  • Merge suggestions showing users that don't match the target user

Miscellaneous updates and fixes

  • Updated formatting for icons in the header
  • Added a confirmation modal and success banner when removing an alias from the User Details page

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