Flow release: August 13, 2019

Tags: Flow

Features/major changes:

  • Merge suggestions: Added ability to prevent common email addresses from causing erroneous suggestions.
  • SAML Auto-merge: When configured, the first time a user logs in from SAML, the application will automatically merge all users who have that email address present, regardless of name. This should improve the experience for first time users logging in through SSO.
  • Beta Tags have been removed from Review and Collaboration reports and benchmarks added.
  • Additional CRUD API support.
  • Ability to exclude PR's or PR Comments based on RegEX. Most commonly used for WIP PR's.
  • Ability to request delivery time on daily/weekly emails.
  • Azure Dev Ops Server (i.e. TFS) support. For git repos only.

Resolved issues

  • Approved PR's showing as unreviewed in GitPrime
  • Some PR's for Azure Dev Ops not being properly processed.

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