Flow release: August 25, 2023

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Features and major changes

Dev weeks

We’ve introduced a new metric to Investment profile—dev weeks. Use this metric to understand the allocation of engineering resources and help you quantify development costs. Flow’s proprietary algorithm takes more than 10 inputs into account and converts them to an estimate in terms of dev weeks, providing an accurate picture of where you actually spent engineering resources.

Use this metric, along with the existing tickets and story points views in Investment profile, to tell a more complete story of the work being done in your organization.

This metric is only available for Jira tickets.

Where should I start? If you already have your work types and investment layers configured in your ticket projects, and already use Investment profile, you don’t need to do any more configuration. Just familiarize yourself with dev weeks and dev weeks best practices so you can best understand what story dev weeks is helping you tell.

If you’ve never used Investment profile, your first step is to make sure your ticket projects are configured so you can see data in Investment profile. Configuring your statuses is most important, but configuring work types and investment layers will maximize the benefit of dev weeks and the rest of Investment profile.

Ticket contributors

As part of the dev weeks release, we’re introducing the concept of contributors for tickets. A ticket contributor is anyone who is associated with any of the activity signals for a ticket. For Jira tickets, activity signals include PR and commit activity, as well as activity from Jira. For ADO services tickets, activity signals are only taken from ADO ticket signals.

View ticket contributors in the new Contributors column in Ticket log. You’ll need to enable the column by clicking the columns dropdown, and updating the selected list items to include Contributors.

Use the advanced Contributors filter to search for tickets with certain contributors who may not be included when filtering by Assignee.

Where should I start? No configuration needed—just add the Contributors column to your Ticket log view and explore the new information. Use this to get a better sense on how people are collaborating on ticket-related work across the engineering process. You might even learn something new about who is helping your team do their best work.

Collaboration metrics API

Now you can access the PR metrics from Team health insights and Review collaboration through an API. Use the Collaboration metrics API to access more Flow metrics where you want. This API gives you access to our PR metrics and lets you add them to your dashboards, spreadsheets, and more.

Where should I start? If you already use Flow’s APIs, use your existing key and try making some requests to the new API. If you haven’t explored Flow’s API options, learn about Flow’s API and start by creating your first API key to explore your options.

Resolved issues

  • Unable to edit columns in Ticket log.

  • Unable to click to the next screen when configuring a ticket project.

  • Overlapping bar charts in Sprint movement.

  • Unable to view details in Check-in for Player card metrics.

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