Flow release: August 28, 2020

Tags: Flow

Features and major changes

  • Now you can do a CSV download of your current team structure and upload a team CSV via our API
  • You can now import teams from your GitHub enterprise account
  • Now you can bulk auto-import all repo groups for an integration. Both existing repo groups and any newly imported repo groups will be set to auto-import.
  • Flow used to have a Manage users and teams permission. That permission has been split into three more specific permissions: Manage user invites, Manage user permissions, and Manage users and teams. The change is designed to let people manage users and teams without requiring them to have full administrative access. Existing users and roles that had the Manage users and teams permission will be automatically receive Manage user invites and Manage user permissions with this update. Learn more about administrative permissions.

Resolved issues

  • Alias auto-merging is now case insensitive.

Miscellaneous bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

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