Flow release: December 3, 2020

Tags: Flow

Features and major changes

  • Now you can view your historical team imports from the Team import history page. Access this from the Teams page by selecting Import teams. On this page, see the last 90 days of team imports, download the results of CSV team imports, and view results stats. Learn more about bulk importing teams.
  • Email reports delivery frequency can no be set to any interval. This is helpful for teams who want their email report cadence to match their sprint cycles.

Resolved issues

  • Show forks toggle always showing enabled on the Available tab of the Repos page.
  • Miscellaneous issues with pull request reports
  • Unable to set targets for teams nested under more than one level

Miscellaneous updates

  • Admin alerts now include both blocked repos and repos in a failure state
  • Performance improvements to the User Merge API endpoint.

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