Flow release: February 2, 2024

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Features and major changes


We’ve released an updated version of Home to help you focus on what matters most—your team.

  • Easily track changes in the metrics you care about using the cleaner layout, simpler metric tiles, and an emphasis on averages and trends.

  • Want to celebrate successes with your team? Check out the Daily Recognition section for some ideas.

Where should I start? Use the Edit metrics dropdown to select the metrics that matter most to your team. You can always update this later, but narrowing down your metrics now helps you focus in the right places.

Dev weeks for ADO

We’ve added Azure DevOps services support for Dev weeks. Now if you have an ADO services integration, you can see Dev week data in Investment profile.

Where should I start? If you’ve already configured investment layers and work types for your ticket projects, there’s no action needed. Go to Investment profile to see your Dev weeks data. If you haven’t configured investment layers and work types, start with configuring your ticket projects.

Sprint grace period

Now you can set up Flow so tickets won’t count as added scope in Sprint movement until after the first 24 hours of the sprint has passed. This helps ensure metric accuracy for teams who do sprint planning on the first day of the sprint as well as those who are unable to customize their sprint start dates and times.

Where should I start? Determine which ticket projects would benefit from adding a grace period. Then modify their ticket project configurations to toggle on the grace period.

Miscellaneous updates

  • Now there’s a View Ticket log button in Retrospective and Sprint movement. Use this to understand more about the tickets contributing to your metrics in those reports. When you view tickets this way, Ticket log will automatically be filtered to show exactly those tickets that contribute to the metrics.

  • We’ve renamed Reports home to Home and Settings home to Settings overview to clarify the purpose of each page and highlight Home as your primary landing page.

  • We removed the Context analysis section from Work log. This section was only populated with data in very specific circumstances and in most cases was empty.

  • We updated all remaining mentions of Churn to Rework.

Resolved issues

  • Unable to set up webhooks

  • Unable to bulk edit Investment layers configurations for ticket projects

  • Unable to finish selecting a date range in Team health insights

  • Jira projects cannot be specified when setting up an incident configuration

  • Targets does not load all team members for large teams

  • Ticket project status mapping column names cannot be changed

  • Team and timeframe selections do not update for Investment profile export

  • Unable to see data in the first column of Work log

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