Flow release: February 24, 2023

Tags: Flow

Recent releases

  • Now you can use the Investment profile report to see how your work is allocated across Work types and Investment layers. This report helps you make sure your understanding of how your team is spending their time aligns with what the ticket data says.

  • Now there’s a Conversation starters section in Sprint movement to help you drive insights and conversations from the data in Sprint movement. These prompts, questions, and articles are shown based on your data for the sprint you’re viewing.

  • Now when you configure a ticket project for Jira or ADO Services, you have the option to set up custom mapping for story points. Do this if you don’t use one of the default fields to store your story point data. If you don’t configure this and use a non-default field for story points, Flow can’t show story point data for your projects.

  • We’ve updated how automerging works to add advanced logic to automatically merge more users so you have fewer suggestions to manually go through.

Miscellaneous updates and changes

  • Updated chart titles in Project timeline to make the purpose of the data clearer.

Resolved issues

  • Toggling off auto-import for ADO Services and Jira ticket projects does not turn off auto-import.

  • Unable to import more than 100 teams from ADO.

  • Unable to view hidden users.

  • Users seeing more users in Users dropdown than view rights permit.

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