Flow release: February 25, 2022

Tags: Flow

Features and major changes

  • Now when you use the Retrospective report, use the Projects filter to select which projects you want to view data from. This helps control your data and filter out data you aren't interested in, like data from other teams' projects that your team help collaborate on. Use this filter to select a single project, multiple projects, or all projects.
  • The Jitter metric in the Retrospective report now has additional information when you click View details. Use this information to more easily see what is causing jitter on your tickets.
  • The Snapshot report has been removed from Flow. Instead, use the new Check-in report to get an overview of your team member's contributions and set goals for your team.

Resolved issues

  • Unable to access account page
  • Unable to load outlier settings
  • Incorrect teams being surfaced when selecting teams in the Code fundamentals report

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