Flow release: January 28, 2022

Tags: Flow

Features and major changes

  • Now you can access a new report—Check-in. The Check-in report lets you see how a team member is contributing and helps you set goals for them. Use this report to help your 1:1s run more efficiently.
  • Now you can select which metrics you want to see in Code fundamentals. Use the Edit metrics dropdown to view the metrics you care about most.
  • If you have access to the Delivery Module, all of your new and unconfigured ticket projects will be autoconfigured so you can quickly see data in Ticket log and the Retrospective report. You can configure the projects to meet your specific needs at any time.

Resolved issues

  • Errors importing teams
  • Unable to set default domain on Settings home
  • Unable to see all orgs when importing GitHub teams
  • HTTP/HTTPS issues in API responses

Miscellaneous updates and changes

  • General improvements to the Retrospective report

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