Flow release: June 25, 2019

Tags: Flow


  • Calendar Feature - Phase 1
  • Microsoft Azure Dev Ops Integration
  • Administrative Alerts Email
  • Auto-Import - Repo black listing

Features/major changes

  • Calendar Feature - Phase
    The full set of calendar features will be rolled out to completion over the course of the upcoming months. With this release you can create custom date ranges (i.e. sprints) for your team and can configure events that only your team can see in Project Timeline. You will find Calendars in your Settings menu. Learn how to setup your calendar and manage your calendar settings.
  • Support for Microsoft Azure Dev Ops Integration - Beta
    Azure Devops integration that supports repo, ticket and pull request services. This is in beta for limited release.
  • Administrative Alerts Email
    Email reports for administrative alerts. Reports can include notifications for issues pertaining to:
    • Data - Any processing issues with repositories and/or projects across one or multiple Integrations
    • Users - You can be notified when new Users are imported into your account and when/if there are any new merge suggestions.
  • Auto-Import - Repo Exclusion
    The Auto-Import advanced settings allow you to exclude specific repos or groups of repos from being auto-imported into your account when you have Auto-Import turned "on" for your Integration. Learn more.
  • User Merge Tool Updates and Enhancements
    Updated the Merge tool UI for enhanced usability

Resolved issues

  • tt100 metric updates for consistency
  • Fixed Advanced Outlier Detection scoring to rescore when prompted.
  • Change how we calculate metrics for partial weeks (Calendars)

Miscellaneous updates and fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

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