Flow release: May 28, 2019

Tags: Flow

Features/major changes

  • Ability to remove a User’s profile picture
  • Added button to refresh all projects for an Integration
  • Added button to refresh ticket projects
  • Updated styling of navigation bar
  • Ability to test connection of manual repos

Resolved issues

  • Auto-import toggle no longer updating same repos from different integrations
  • Repos now automatically refreshed with new additions
  • Connection error for GitLab webhook resolved
  • Importing the same repo from two separate integrations no longer available
  • Clean-up of duplicate repos that were produced by Flow

Miscellaneous updates and fixes

  • Updated warning message when deleting user
  • Approval count added to Pull Request API endpoint response
  • Merge Tool title updated for increased understanding
  • Username/password management disabled for organizations using SAML/SSO
  • Minor bug fixes

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