Flow release: October 16, 2020

Tags: Flow

Features and major changes

  • Now users on Enterprise plans have the Flow Delivery module. The Delivery module helps you manage the workflow and efficiency of your teams using your ticket information from Jira.
  • You can now create multiple email reports and see all your email reports, both one-time and recurring. If you had an existing email report, it has been migrated to this new experience and named Email Report. We recommend renaming the report so it describes what the report is for.

  • The Manage Integrations administrative permission now has three different access levels to help you delegate integration management. When giving this permission to a user or role, choose to give them one of three access levels: View, manage and delete; View and manage; or View only. All users and roles that previously had the Manage Integrations permission will automatically receive View, manage, and delete access.

Resolved issues

  • Daily digest emails not including all commits.
  • Unable to access the edit/create email reporting screen without the Receive Weekly Digest permission.
  • Fixed issue with PR links not generating correctly for TFS integrations.
  • Fixed issue with case sensitivity for merging users.

Miscellaneous updates and fixes

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