Flow release: October 26, 2021

Tags: Flow

Features and major changes

  • Now you can see Time to merge in Submitter fundamentals and Time to first comment in Reviewer fundamentals. Using these metrics leads to better outcomes for leaders, teams and individuals. Having them in the fundamentals reports means you can find them faster, along with the other metrics you use.
  • Now only merged pull requests will be counted toward your metrics in Reviewer fundamentals, Submitter fundamentals, PR resolution, Review Collaboration, and the Reviewer and Submitter fundamentals sections of Player Card. This will lead to a more accurate view of collaboration work and a more consistent experience across reports.

Note: If you were previously looking at pull requests with statuses other than Merged in these reports, your historical metrics may look different.

  • Time to close and Time to resolve have been renamed to Time to merge. These metrics calculate the same thing, so the names have changed to be more consistent across the platform.
  • Flow now has a page called Settings home. On this page, new organizations can find the steps they need to get set up and start importing their data. Existing organizations can find helpful links to commonly used settings.

Resolved issues

  • Unable to connect to Jira using Oauth
  • Review collaboration not displaying commit information for individuals
  • Unable to update a target on a team through its parent
  • Unable to access account settings
  • Unable to access Reviewer or Submitter fundamentals
  • New users unable to accept an invite to Flow

Miscellaneous updates and fixes

  • Added Terraform and SASS to the list of detectable languages for the Proficiency report
  • General accessibility improvements to Work log

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