Flow release: October 25, 2023

Miscellaneous updates

  • We’ve added a Trailing 4 weeks date preset to Team health insights. This gives you additional date presets to see trend information. It selects the previous four complete Monday through Sunday weeks, which is the point at which trends are visible in the report.

  • We’ve updated the logic for excluding common words from matching when merging users. Now when you add a common word to the list, merge suggestions will not appear if that word is included anywhere in the name or email of a user who has no other identifying information in any of their aliases to generate a suggestion. As an example, if you add undisclosed to the common words list, an email of undisclosed12345@example.com will not appear in a merge suggestion without a name that matches another user.
    This change will apply to any newly generated merge suggestions, not historical ones.

    Note: This setting does not prevent merge suggestions from appearing when the name or email is an exact match for a merge suggestion. If a name or email containing a common excluded word appears in your suggestion list, it is because a different field contained a valid merge suggestion reason.

  • Now the Authors column of Deployment log lists any user who made a commit in the deployment, as well as the user who applied the git tag.

  • Now if you click on links in Daily digest emails, you’ll go to Project timeline or Check-in.

  • We’ve updated the colors for the average/median/overall lines in the Team health insights bar graphs to yellow instead of orange.

Resolved issues

  • History tab of Investment profile listing incorrect date ranges for Last month, Last quarter, and Last year date ranges.

  • Incident configuration not returning exact matches for filters.

  • Check-in report displaying incorrect number of reviewed PRs.

  • Unable to see recommendations in the Proficiency report.

  • Column order resetting when renaming a column in a ticket project configuration.

  • Unable to see data in the Work log view in Check-in for certain days when selecting a trailing date range.

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