Flow release: October 29, 2020

Tags: Flow

Features and major changes

  • The Code Fundamentals report has been updated. It was designed from the ground up to be substantially faster than the existing experience. There are two main metrics changes:
    • Empty weeks are now excluded from individual metrics, which should lead to a general increase in Coding Days per week and Impact for an individual in Code Fundamentals.
    • Averages are now weighted, instead of using an "average of averages" methodology. This makes the math more straightforward. Learn more about Code Fundamentals metrics here.
  • Four new options have been added to the Integrations page: Update all repos, Update all PRs, Update all tickets, and Update background metrics. These commands help troubleshoot issues with project processing by triggering a full reprocessing of repos, PRs, tickets, or metric calculations, so we recommend consulting with a member of Support before use as it could back up queues or result in rate limiting. Learn more here.

Resolved issues

  • Excluded user PRs appearing as if there was a PR exclusion rule set up
  • Duplicate roles being created
  • Not able to edit view rights at the role level when advanced view rights are enabled
  • Excessive merge user tool load times
  • Issue loading Player card reports
  • Unable to add a message when creating a Slack rule

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