Flow release: September 25, 2023

Tags: Flow

Features and major changes

Updated logic for completed tickets in Sprint movement

Previously, if you moved a ticket to a Done status in your ticketing system before the end of the sprint, then moved it to a different Done status after the sprint ended, Sprint movement counted the second Done status as the true completion date and marked that ticket as Uncompleted in the report. This added complications for workflows involving multiple Done states over the course of a ticket’s lifecycle.

Now, if a ticket ends a sprint in a Done state we consider it Completed regardless of any status changes after the end of a sprint.

Where should I start? There’s nothing you need to manually change here. This change happens automatically and affects all data for past and future tickets. If you have a workflow where you routinely move a ticket through multiple Done statuses, you may notice a general increase in your completion percentage in your sprints. Make sure your ticket projects are configured to accurately reflect your Done statuses.

New Change failure rate visualization

We’ve added a bar chart for Change failure rate to Team health insights so you can more easily see how your Change failure rate is changing over time. This provides you with a more consistent experience across all Team health insights metrics.

Where should I start? Add Change failure rate to your Team health insights metrics if you haven’t selected it already, and use the new bar chart to visually understand how your Change failure rate is changing over time. Add this as part of your usual review of Team health insights metrics.

Updated experience for Investment profile export

In some situations where long date ranges or large teams are selected, it can take additional time for the report to load correctly. The Export button will not be available until the report is fully loaded. This ensures you get the most accurate export every time.

Where should I start? When you’re viewing Investment profile, don’t worry if the Export button takes a few extra seconds to load. This means Flow is gathering all the data that should be included. When the button appears, you can trust that all your data will be represented.

Miscellaneous updates

  • We’ve standardized the View details expansion panels at the top of reports so they behave the same way across reports. Use these panels to see walkthroughs and learn more about the reports.

  • We’ve updated the Resources for you section on Reports home with new resources to explore.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed Time to restore services benchmark typo

  • Resolved inability to configure Work types in ticket project configuration without having permission to view Investment profile

  • Increased timeout window for Jira integration authentication

  • Resolved issue with mismatched Compare to date ranges for custom dates in Retrospective.

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