Flow release: September 9, 2019

Tags: Flow

Features/major changes

  • New API endpoints created to
    • add and remove repos
    • import ticket projects
    • manage account users
  • Bulk import teams via CSV: Added functionality to set view rights to 'Inherit' in CSV upload file.
  • Project timeline: Work trend defaults to % instead of LoC

Resolved issues

  • API: Fixed bug with membership_type parameter in team_membership endpoint
  • GitLab subgroup images now available 
  • GitLab webhooks: Ticket "creation" re-assigned to the last commenting user
  • Fundamentals: Added units for Reaction Time and Responsiveness
  • Avatar image not updating for non administrative Users
  • Open PR's: Fixed sort function 
  • Daily/Weekly Digest Emails showing excluded users
  • Import teams modal requires scroll in order to see Import CSV button
  • JIRA auto-import: Fixed issue causing projects with the same project URL from not importing if they are from a cloud and on-prem server respectively.

Miscellaneous updates and fixes

  • Adding users by email is case insensitive
  • PR Project processing errors now show specific messages

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