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Code fundamental reports

Getting started with the code fundamental reports.

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Flow report summary table

Flow ReportReport DescriptionWho uses this report?How do I use the report?
Work logThe Work Log provides a unified view of work patterns at the team and engineer level, across commit, code review and ticket activity.  Work log captures the daily activity by engineer, team, or repo to identify activity patterns and track alignment with your processes.Team Leads, Managers, Scrum MastersUse Work log to find patterns across individuals,  your team, and various roles in your organization. Over time, the patterns can help you track alignment and spot opportunities for guidance.
Project timelineThe Project Timeline report quantifies the daily output at the organization and team levels.  You can break down work by type and identify opportunities for improvement.Team Leads, Managers, ExecutivesView Commit & Code volume and Impact along with breakout of Work Type with trends for a given time period. This report also provides insights into which work type ICs are contributing to the most.
ProficiencyThe proficiency report provides insight to your team’s proficiency in a specific coding language alongside their Skill IQ distribution.Team Leads, Managers, Executives This report  provides insights into which work type ICs are contributing to the most.
TrendsThe Trends report focuses on your team's output.  You can view the throughput for your team in a sprint by sprint view and view trends for recent release cycles.Team Leads, ManagersThis report helps you track recent activity across recent time periods.  Use this report along side the Project Timeline in Sprint Trends for a more complete understanding of work focus.
SnapshotThe snapshot report provides detailed information about individual commit activity for a specific time period. Use the Snapshot report to understand an engineer's work patterns, commit complexity, and contributions to their team.Team Leads, Managers, Developers (IC's), Scrum MastersSnapshot provides insights to an Individual Contributor's commits. This report is great for 1:1's and coaching.
Daily updateThe Daily update report quickly summarizes your team's project focus, Use this to review the previous day's commit activity and view the week over week impact trends.Team Leads, Managers, Scrum MastersThis commit data can be used in your daily stand-ups to discuss project status.
Spot checkThe Spotcheck report lets you see individual work patterns for trailing 30-day and trailing 7-day averages. These metrics help you spot both normal patterns and outlying patterns for your team.Team Leads, ManagersSee where you can help your team by spotting changes in an individual's work pattern.
Review workflowUse Review workflow to capture the big picture of all PR activity.  The Review Workflow provides a filterable and sortable view to review all Pull Requests.Team Leads, ManagersIdentify Complex PRs, PRs that have been merged without review, and PRs that have been left open and might need closure.
Review collaborationReview Collaboration provides metrics on collaboration levels and responsiveness within the code review process.  In this report, you can see how well your team is collaborating in PR's.  Team Leads, Managers, Scrum MastersUse the Submitter and Reviewer metrics to see their progress and spot potential roadblocks.  You can see who's working well together and who might need a nudge to complete a review.
PR resolutionThe PR Resolution shows you how your team is collaborating.  This report provides metrics that help you spot scope creep, time to comment, time to commit, and lets you review closed PR's to spot your team's trends.Team Leads, Managers, ExecutivesPR resolution can show you what team activity is normal as well as activities that are not normal for the team.  Use these patterns to support work trends.
Knowledge sharingThe Knowledge Sharing Index measures how thoroughly information is being shared within a team. Use the Knowledge sharing report to see the distribution of code review activity across team members.Team Leads, ManagersIdentify best practices and collaboration patterns on your teams. Increase knowledge shared and engagement in the review process.
Player cardThe Player Card provides a longer-term trend for individuals. Use the Player Card report to view an engineer's work patterns, strengths relative to the team, trends in code, review metrics, and details on recent work.Team Leads, Managers, Developers (IC's), Scrum MastersUse the Player card to see where you can help individuals grow and perform their best. This great for 1:1's and coaching.
Code fundamentalsThe Code Fundamentals provide the ability to run longer-term trends, at the organization and team levels, on four key coding metrics. The code fundamentals report package gives you the ability to see your team across four fundamental productivity metrics, and how they compare to industry benchmarks.Team Leads, Managers, ExecutivesCode fundamentals provides insight into long term commit activity trends.
Submit fundamentalsThe Submit Fundamentals provide the ability to run longer-term trends. at the organization and team levels, on key metrics relating to how engineers and teams behave when they submit code for review.Team Leads, ManagersThe submit fundamentals provides an overview of long term PR submitter activity trends.
Review fundamentalsThe review fundamentals provide the ability to run longer-term trends, at the organization and team levels, on key metrics relating to how engineers and teams behave when they review code.Team Leads, ManagersThe review fundamentals provides insight to long term PR reviewer activity trends

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