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Welcome to Flow reports. Flow has several reports to help you understand how your team works and what you can do to help your team flourish. Use this article for a quick glance at what each report does and how to use it. For more information on a specific report, see the report's linked article.

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Flow ReportReport DescriptionWho uses this report?How do I use the report?
Work logWork log provides a unified view of work patterns at the team and engineer level across commit, code review, and ticket activity. This report captures daily activity by engineer, team, or repo to identify activity patterns and track alignment with your processes.Team Leads, Managers, Scrum MastersFind patterns across individual contributors, your team, and various roles in your organization. Track alignment and spot opportunities to guide your team.
Review workflow
Review workflow displays a high-level overview of PR activity. This report provides a filterable and sortable view to review PRs.
Team Leads, Managers
Identify complex PRs, PRs that have been merged without review, and PRs that have been left open and might need closure.
Ticket log
Ticket log displays ticket metrics and gives insight into metrics associated with specific tickets.
Team Leads, Managers, Scrum Masters
Identify high-activity tickets that need attention and tickets that match specific conditions, such as elevation revision cycles or excessive cycle times.
Daily update
Daily update summarizes your team's project focus. This report displays the previous day's commit activity and week over week impact trends.
Team Leads, Managers, Scrum Masters
Use commit data to discuss project status in daily stand-ups.
Spot check
Spot check displays individual work patterns for trailing 30-day and trailing 7-day averages.
Team Leads, Managers
Find opportunities to help your team by spotting changes in an individual's work pattern.
Check-in provides insights into individual contributors' goals and work. Engineers can showcase their wins and goals. Managers can identify opportunities for recognition and improvement.
Team Leads, Managers, Developers (IC's), Scrum Masters
Use commit complexity to facilitate conversations in 1:1s. Discuss topics like work focus, balance, and collaboration.
Player card
Player card provides a long-term trend for individuals. This report displays an engineer's work patterns, strengths relative to the team, review metrics, and details on recent work.
Team Leads, Managers, Developers (IC's), Scrum Masters
Find opportunities to help individuals improve their work. Facilitate conversations in 1:1s and when coaching.
Retrospective report compares your teams’ metrics across specific time frames.
Team Leads, Managers, Executives, Developers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters
See where your teams are succeeding and find opportunities to guide your team.
Sprint movement
Sprint movement report displays a concise look at past sprints so that teams can better plan for future sprints.
Team Leads, Managers, Executives, Product Owners, Scrum masters
Measure your team's planning efficacy and help your team stay focused on its commitments.
Project timelineProject timeline quantifies daily organization and team output. This report shows commit volume, code volume, and impact, as well as a breakdown of completed work.
Team Leads, Managers, ExecutivesBreak down work by type and identify opportunities for improvement. Discover which work types engineers contribute to the most.
Review collaboration
Review collaboration provides metrics on collaboration levels and responsiveness within the code review process. This report shows how well your team is collaborating in PRs.
Team Leads, Managers, Scrum Masters
Track individual contributors' progress and anticipate potential roadblocks with Submitter and Reviewer metrics. Discover who's working well together and who might need a nudge to complete a review.
PR resolution
PR resolution shows how your team is collaborating by showing scope creep, time to comment, and time to commit. This report lets you review closed PR's to spot your team's trends.
Team Leads, Managers, Executives
View both normal and abnormal team activity to support positive work trends.
Knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing measures how thoroughly information is shared within a team and the distribution of code review activity across team members.
Team Leads, Managers
Identify best practices and collaboration patterns on your teams. Increase knowledge shared and engagement in the review process.
Trends focuses on your team's output. This report shows trends for recent release cycles and the throughput for your team during a sprint with sprint view.
Team Leads, Managers
Track activity across recent time periods. Use trends alongside the Project timeline in Sprint trends for a more complete understanding of work focus.
Team health insights
Team health insights shows long-term trends at the organization and team levels. This report shows your team across four fundamental productivity metrics and compares those metrics to industry benchmarks.
Team Leads, Managers, Executives
Gain insight into long-term commit activity trends.
Submit fundamentalsSubmit fundamentals looks at engineer and team behavior when submitting code for review. This report shows long-term organization and team trends on key metrics for code submission. Only available in Flow Enterprise Server.Team Leads, ManagersGain insight into long-term PR submitter activity trends.
Review fundamentalsReview fundamentals runs long-term organization and team trends on key metrics relating to engineer and team behavior when reviewing code. Only available in Flow Enterprise Server.Team Leads, ManagersGain insight into long-term PR reviewer activity trends.
Proficiency provides insight into your team’s proficiency in a specific coding language and shows their Skill IQ distribution.
Team Leads, Managers, Executives
View which work types an engineer contributes to the most.

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