Migrating your Flow SSO connection to Pluralsight

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In May 2019, Pluralsight acquired GitPrime to help technology organizations reach their full potential. Since then, we’ve been hard at work integrating GitPrime experiences into the Pluralsight platform. One way we’ve accomplished this is by renaming GitPrime to Pluralsight Flow.

One experience we’re unifying across Pluralsight is SSO authentication.

If your company currently uses SSO to authenticate to the cloud version of Flow, you need to be migrated into the Pluralsight platform. Once your migration is complete, users entering Pluralsight through SSO will automatically be authenticated to the entire Pluralsight platform, which includes access to Pluralsight Flow as well as Pluralsight Skills.

Note: If you don't have a Skills subscription, your access to Skills may be limited to our rotating selection of free courses as well as Skill IQ and Role IQ.

How should I migrate my SSO connection?

Your SSO configuration will need to be migrated to the Pluralsight platform, which will be completed with the help of our Professional services team.

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Will I be charged for the migration?

Moving forward, SSO changes will be made through the Professional Services team. While there is often extra cost associated with SSO, we’re waiving SSO charges for your plan as this is an offering you already take advantage of.

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When should I make the migration?

  • If your company also has a Skills subscription, Professional Services should be reaching out to you soon to complete your migration.
  • Otherwise, please complete the migration as soon as possible.

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Migration steps

To complete your migration, you’ll need to take four steps.

  1. Create a new connection to Pluralsight SSO
  2. Prepare your metadata XML
  3. Contact our Professional Services team
  4. Connect your Identity Provider to our Service Provider

Important: When you migrate your SSO connection to Pluralsight, matched email users and SSO users will be auto-merged to ensure that only one login exists for a user when they log in via SSO.

Creating a new connection to Pluralsight SSO

This is done in your Identity Provider (such as Okta, ADFS, PingOne, etc.). You'll need to use our metadata to create the connection, which can be found here.

Preparing your metadata XML

Please let us know which XML Pluralsight should use as the Service Provider.

If you prefer not to provide updated XML, we can use the XML you provided for your Flow integration. However, we recommend that you generate new XML to make sure we have a valid certificate from you.

You can generate the XML you’d like us to use inside your Identity Provider. We will accept either an XML file or a link from which to download your XML.

The metadata needs to include assertions for:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

The following fields are optional:

  • Immutable ID: This can be anything, but should be unique and immutable in case the email changes in the future. Providing this helps us avoid problems if a user’s email changes. Please let us know the name of the attribute you choose.
  • Roles: This is only required if you want to manage roles through SSO. If you intend to manage roles within the Flow app, this is not required.

Contacting our Professional Services team

When you're ready to migrate, please send an email to professionalservices@pluralsight.com.

Here's a sample email you can copy to make your request. Just make sure to replace the bolded pieces with the pertinent information for your integration.

We need your company name, Identity Provider, a few attribute keys, and your up-to-date XML metadata (optional).

Note: You may not be required to provide Immutable ID and Roles in your attribute list.

Example email

To: professionalservices@pluralsight.com

Subject: Flow SSO migration

Pluralsight Professional services,

My company, AdventureWorks, is ready to migrate our SSO integration from Flow to Pluralsight. We use ADFS as our Identity Provider.

Please use the following attributes:

  • First name: givenName
  • Last Name: lastName
  • Email: email
  • Immutable ID: employeeID
  • Role: jobTitle

Here is my latest metadata XML file.

Thank you,

AdventureWorks Plan Admin

Connecting your Identity Provider to our Service Provider

After you send the email to Professional Services to make your migration request, Professional Services will provide you with the URL you’ll need to set up your Identity Provider. If you need to use service-provider-initiated SSO, we can provide you with a vanity URL (this may be required for Okta and Azure AD).

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Where do I go for help if I run into a problem?

If you run into any issues with your SSO configuration before you migrate, please contact the Flow support team at support@pluralsight.com.

If you run into any issues with your SSO configuration after you migrate, please contact the Professional Services team.

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If you need help, please email support@pluralsight.com for 24/7 assistance.