Team management

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All teams that have been created or imported into Flow will be visible on the Teams page. Here you will be able to create new teams and make changes to current teams.

Team management

To view your teams, navigate User Management under the Settings menu then click Teams.

The teams management page will show you the following information:

A. System created teams - these are default teams.

  • All users - all users that have been ingested or added to your account.
  • Recently active users - all users that have commit, PR and/or ticket activity in the last 30 days.
Tip: You can configure this team under Configurations. You can configure what work types this list is based off of when determine active users (commits/pull requests/tickets). You can also change the time frame (past 20 days, 90 days etc).
  • Users excluded from metrics - all users that have been excluded (hidden) from the reports.
  • Users with no activity within 90 days - any user that does not have any recent commit, PR and/or ticket activity in the last 90 days.
  • Users without teams - any user that is not currently a member of a team.

B. All teams and nested teams

C. Enable team - this will tell you if the team will appear in your report filters.

D. Nested teams - this column shows you the number of nested teams under a parent team.

E. All users - this column will show you the collective number of users in the parent and nested teams.

F. Unnested users - this is the total number of users that have been added to that specific team. It does not include any users that are a member of a nested team.

On the team management page you can take the following actions:

A. Add a new team.

B. Enable or disable a team from appearing in your report filters. This can be done individually or in bulk. To enable/disable multiple teams select the teams you wish to remove from your report filters and use the drop down menu to click Enable or Disable.

When selecting a team with nested children, by default all nested teams will be selected. Make sure to "Deselect nested" if you do not want your changes/edits applied to the nested teams.

C. Set team View Rights - By selecting a team or multiple teams, use the drop down menu to change the team view rights. There are three options:

  • Inherit - A parent team will always inherit the organization default View Rights. Nested teams will inherit the View Rights of their parent teams. 
  • Can view other team member's metrics
  • View personal metrics only.
D. Remove teams - This will remove/delete the parent team and any children team. This will not delete any associated Users.

E. Select an individual team to review the team details. See the team details help document for more information.

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