What you can access with a free Skills or ACG account

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Free Skills content

Anyone with a Pluralsight or A Cloud Guru account has access to the Skills free course library. With your free Skills account, you have access to Skill IQ, Role IQ, guides, and a selection of always-free Skills courses.

If you used to have a Pluralsight Skills subscription or accessed Skills through a limited library benefit, you can still access your Skills account after your subscription or benefit has ended. Unless you or your employer have requested that your data be deleted, your course history and profile will remain intact.

Tip: If you've forgotten your password, request a password reset.

If you started watching a course while you had a paid subscription and your subscription then expired, you won't be able to finish that course with a free account. To finish in-progress courses or view more courses than those included with your free Skills account, you must have a subscription.

To purchase a subscription, check out our pricing page (opens in new tab). Be sure to join our email list (opens in new tab) to be first to know about future Skills offers.

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Free ACG content

With a Pluralsight or ACG account, you automatically have access to a selection of always-free Cloud courses (opens in new tab) on ACG and the ACG web series (opens in new tab). You can also browse and participate in Community forums (opens in new tab).

To purchase a subscription, check out the pricing page (opens in new tab).

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