Frequently asked Flow Enterprise Server questions

Explore common questions about Flow Enterprise Server.

Common questions

What kind of TLS/SSL certificates should I use?

The type of certificates you use depends on your company’s policies and procedures. Check out the article about obtaining certificates to learn about the different certificate types and how to obtain them.

Why does Flow Enterprise Server require an email server?

Flow Enterprise Server requires an email server to:

  • Invite users to Flow

  • Send password reset emails

  • Send important system emails

Without an email service, Flow Enterprise Server wouldn’t provide you or your users with a good experience.

Why are the GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket cloud offerings configured differently than their enterprise counterparts?

GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket cloud are communicated with by Flow Enterprise Server differently from their Enterprise or Server counterparts. Flow requires an initial configuration for the cloud offerings when the system starts. For Enterprise or Server versions, the configurations are already contained in the application.

Learn more about registering these cloud vendors with Flow Enterprise Server.

Does Flow leave any TCP connections open, or does it disconnect immediately from the server, even if the server is down or some other error occurs?

Like many TCP clients, Flow will attempt to reuse a connection during a single data ingestion cycle. However, that connection can only be reused or left open if the connection is successfully established. If the server is down, the connection cannot be reused.

If the Git provider server is down, does Flow keep trying to connect  or does it try again later? If it tries again later, for what time interval does it wait before it tries again?

We will attempt to connect at most once every other hour, per repo and per integration. If the server is down, we will wait and retry at the next cycle. If there are too many failures in a row, the connection is marked in an error state and not used again until manual intervention.

Could the connection of Flow cause any CPU or memory spikes on the Git provider server?

This is possible, but not likely. When processing data, Flow Enterprise Server gets the list of available repos and any updates to pull requests. Flow Enterprise Server performs a git clone or git pull. These operations are spread over two hours, and aren’t usually enough to impact your server.

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