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Atlassian cloud changes: What that means for your data in Flow
Overview At the end of April 2019, Atlassian is planning to implement changes to their cloud products to comply with GDPR requirements.
Can I exclude/add specific directories, files, or file types from analysis?
Overview At this time you can add a directory / file / or file type to your ignore list, by repo only. We do not offer the ability to ignore a file or file type at the organization level. See the current list  f iles/directories/file ...
What files types and directories does Flow ignore by default?
Overview The following is a comprehensive list of everything we ignore by default. If you want to add or remove anything from this list,  learn how to edit the Paths to Ignore list. Well-known directories Autogenerated...
How do I link my commits to my Git host(s)?
Overview Based on how your repositories are connected to your Flow account, Flow will handle your commit links differently.  OAuth: If your repositories are connected via OAuth, we automatically link your commits to your Git host.&...