Gathering important information and getting help

We want to be sure that you have the best possible experience installing and using Flow Enterprise Server. However, it's difficult to plan for every possible customer environment. We realize that you may have infrastructure that's unique to you. When Flow does not perform in your environment, you can get help through several avenues.

Contact your account representative

When you received your license for Flow Enterprise Server, it was sent to you by your account representative. If you need help beyond the information provided in the Help Center, please reach out to them and they will help answer your questions.

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You can e-mail us at Pluralsight Support (opens email form).

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Gathering information

When you contact us, make sure you've gathered the information outlined below. This will help us diagnose a lot of the common issues and determine a path to diagnose problems we haven't seen before. Information you should gather and include:

  1. OS type: for example, Ubuntu/Linux
  2. OS version: for example, Ubuntu 20.04
  3. Processor architecture: 64-bit, etc.
  4. Version of Flow Enterprise Server installed.
  5. The hostname and IP address of the host machine. This helps us to differentiate the various networks that appear in the logs.
  6. Screenshots or a complete copy/paste of any errors you are seeing.
  7. The output of kubectl get pods -A.

Beyond that information, there are various ways to send us extra support information. The sections below detail those methods.

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Health check information

Download the latest version of Flow Enterprise Tools. Make sure you don't already have a flow-enterprise-tools folder, then extract the tar file:

tar -xzvf flow-enterprise-tools-stable-

cd flow-enterprise-tools-stable/bin

Then run the health check:

sudo ./flow-healthcheck | tee  health-check.txt

Send the resulting health-check.txt file to Pluralsight Support.

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Replicated Support bundle

Replicated provides a mechanism in the KOTS admin console to retrieve a bundle of data that can be used for support. To produce this bundle, log in to the KOTS admin console, for example using 

  • Once you're in the KOTS admin console, click Troubleshoot.
  • Click Generate a support bundle. This may take some time to process.
  • Once the support bundle is collected, click Download bundle.

Once you have the file, please send it to Pluralsight Support.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.