Chapter 1: Strategize

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Chapter 1: Strategize

Plan for success

Identify how Pluralsight will help your teams.

First, discuss business objectives, success metrics, and timelines with your tech leader. Identify subject matter experts who can help curate content (discussed more in Chapter 3) and advocate for people at your organization, adopting Pluralsight.

 Get inspired by Joel Crabb of Target’s talk on building a learning culture presented at Pluralsight Live 2018. 

Note: You'll need to assign a learning license to yourself to watch this clip, even if you already have plan admin access. Here's how.

Some questions to get you started

1. Who in your organization is using Pluralsight?

2. What specific skills do I need my teams to skill up in?  

3.. What challenges does your team and/or organization face? 

4. What features seem most aligned to help you tackle those challenges? If you’re not familiar with Pluralsight’s features, save answering this question until you’ve read Chapter 3. 

5. Thinking about the people in your organization who will use Pluralsight, how will you group them into teams?
Thinking through this question will help you in Chapter 2. You'll be able to choose team managers who can see and encourage team members' skill development.

Get even more help

  • Skills Strategy Plan: If you’ve identified where you need to go but don’t know which skills or roles you need to get there, our skills strategy will help guide the way. For more details, take a look at our Skills Strategy Plan whitepaper.

  • Professional services onboarding: Our onboarding team will help integrate our platform into your ecosystem, guide your skill development strategy, and help you put that strategy in action. For more details, take a look at our Professional Services onboarding whitepaper.

Plan for launch day

Announce that Pluralsight is coming in the hallways at your office.

Download and customize these posters to get the word out about Pluralsight.

  Screen images

Send a save the date to your team.

Make sure your team is aware of the launch and when they can login and what they need to do. 

   Email template

Technical requirements

Please give these requirements to your company's IT department.

 How to configure firewall and mail servers for using Pluralsight.

Why? If Pluralsight's IP addresses and email domains aren't whitelisted, this can slow down or prevent your team from getting plan invites and important notifications.

What's next

You're right on track. Now that you've outlined your goals for using Pluralsight, announced Pluralsight to your teams, and made sure Pluralsight's whitelisted, it's time to get learners into the plan.

Click here to proceed to Chapter 2: Welcome Invite, and organize your team.

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